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SmiRing+ - baby stops crying -

1 usd

This is an application that makes babies stop crying with the baby-stop-crying sounds!You can try this application when you the baby is crying at night or fussy.[The difference between the paid-for version and the free version] - Advertisement not displayed.- Already added 3 types of sounds; " laughter", " rain" and "drum"
There are twelve sounds including "plastic bag", "TV", "dryer", "vacuum cleaner", "tap water", "under water", "noodle", "toy", "heartbeat", "laughter", " rain" and "drum".Since the sound can be played simultaneously, you can also try to play various kinds of sounds by combining multiple sounds.
By using timer function, you can set time for playing the sound.
There are recording and playback functions in the application so that mummy’s voice or song can be played repeatedly.